The Five Best Tools For High Internet Rankings

Understanding how to use your competitors top pages, data and tools is important. This is one way to get better SEO results. There are five types of top page reports. The first are top pages by links. These are the pages most linked by root domains, URL’s or the highest page authority and are the main tools available on the web.
The second are top pages by social shares. This is when people look at Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Facebook. The third are top pages by search traffic. This involves keywords and their volume. Many of these keywords come from Google AdWords. SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Jumpshot are also important in relation to keywords. These are the pages who get the most search traffic.
The fourth type of top pages are by ranking keywords. This is separate from estimated traffic since many domain pages only rank by one keyword. Other pages may have numerous keywords but rank sixth or tenth so they do not appear as top estimated search reports.
The fifth type are top pages by total traffic. This is provided by SimiliarWeb, Jumpshot and Alexa. You can easily use these sources to find which sites have the top listings for total traffic.

You need to understand exactly how your competitors are becoming successful. In order to do so you have to see which content has achieved the highest success rate in the five vectors. Another important factor is where your competition has created their broad content. They can fill gaps in their content with featured snippets and answer boxes or with a more targeted content that does not need as many links for ranking.
An excellent approach is to look at what your competitor has done to achieve the highest success. Perhaps they excel with keywords but not estimated search traffic. The gap between these two is critical because it gives you opportunities for content that is hyper focused and has opportunities for keyword targeting.
Look at your competitors content that has done very well with direct or social traffic but poorly in their SEO. This is found in the top pages by social shares and in total traffic. Now look at what has not done well in search traffic and the number of keywords. This may be because their content has helped in their growth or their link profile. The content may also have been used for ranking purposes and is no longer ranking since it is out of date.
Sometimes an individual is looking for something related to 2017 but the content of the page was created in 2015. Even if the page has numerous links it will no longer do well in the ranking. The opportunity to be number one or quite high in the rankings is there. You have to find which content has high search traffic and a good ranking for keywords as well as a lot of links. Also look at content with few links but high on search traffic and keywords.
With research and links you can overtake your competition. Mix, match and compare the top pages. The SEO opportunities you will discover are powerful and well worth your time and effort. Just keep using your content for keyword targeting.


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